A new world order

Speaking of change in healthcare systems across Africa, the Africa CDC has been at the forefront of several initiatives to make the continent self-reliant. The African Union and the Pan-African Parliament have been proactive. The African Development Bank has taken several positive, forward-looking steps, including setting up the African Pharmaceutical Technology Foundation.

As recently as last week, the Africa CDC announced a partnership, mulling a unified digital health framework across the continent.

Joining all these initiatives now is a new call by the agency for a new Public Health Order for Africa. At various events on the sidelines of the recently concluded UNGA, Africa CDC and leaders from across Africa sought greater investment in Africa's health institutions, health workforce, and medical manufacturing capacities while calling for action-oriented inter-continental partnerships. The initial response was heartening too. Now, in partnership with the African Union Commission, the Africa CDC has called on governments, corporates, charities and civil society organisations to pitch in and help make Africa self-reliant.

At The Kable, we're totally on board with the ask. Africa is not just the cradle of our civilisation; it is also a potential economic powerhouse of the future with some of the youngest populations around. We truly believe the world goes where Africa does, not the other way around.

And besides, do you want to be part of a world where we no longer have amapiano?

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